Throughout my career, I have grown a robust collection of digital strategy and communications skills. I can write press releases, design and run Facebook ad campaigns, create graphics for emails or social media, and coordinate interviews and press placements.

I've tried to include a little bit of everything in my portfolio so it's easy to see the breadth of capabilities. If you would like more examples of any category of my work, please don't hesitate to email me!

Darrell Issa's Silence

for the campaign of an Issa opponent

This was a full-length email fundraising graphic for an opponent of Darrell Issa's. It focused on how Congressman Issa is a coward and only cares about national security oversight when it serves his own political agenda.

Social Media Graphics

for MEANS Database

To expand our reach, we occasionally share graphics quotes of relevant recent news or organization accomplishments. In this case, I created a graphic that featured a study that found reducing food waste would help solve the worldwide hunger crisis without requiring a massive increase in agricultural productivity and a GIF that showed how our user base has expanded since we were created.

Online Crime Facebook Ads

for Katherine Clark For Congress

Fighting online harassment has been a key issue for Congresswoman Clark throughout her time in office. It became even more personal when her home was swarmed with police, or "swatted," after a fake emergency call to her home in retaliation for her bills against online harassment.