Employer References

Working with each family you form a special connection. It’s always nice to know that they appreciate you as much as you do them! My references have all been verified by and can be checked there.

Deborah E. – Washington, DC

Zoey has worked with our family since [August 2014] helping out with two kids (ages 6 and 10) after school each day. After meeting them at the end of the school day, she plays with them, helps with their homework, does light housework and otherwise keeps them entertained and safe. Zoey is reliable, good natured, and the kids enjoy her company. She also can be firm with them as needed. I highly recommend Zoey as a babysitter.

Carol T. – Alki UCC – Seattle, WA

Zoey was a dependable, reliable and patient employee. She was great with the children especially. If she comes back to Seattle I would hire her back in a heart beat. Best of luck to her and any future endeavors.

Sarah F. – Seattle, WA

Zoey took care of our six year old son twice a month for over a year. Zoey is responsible, caring and imaginative.

Kid References

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing kids! Not all of them are old enough to read…or write and type, but a few of them wrote me sweet thank you/reference letters that their mom helped them type.

Rebecca, Age 6

Hi Zoey,

This is Rebecca!!! Thank you for taking care of me this year. I like playing doggie and his owner with you. You play a great owner and I am a great dog because of you. I like that you did good things for me and that you listened to what I had to say. I love you so much. THANK YOU

From Rebecca. yay!

Ari, Age 10

Thanks for being my babysitter after school this year!!! i liked playing the game of life with you because you helped me learn how to play the game. Thank you for helping me with my homework and checking it over. I also liked it when you taped the slow-mo videos of me and Kyle. That was a lot of fun. And Thanks for watching over me even when I didn’t think I needed it. sorry for being a pain today. I hope you have a great summer.